Alumni Ambassador

With the programs that BAU Alumni Relations Center initiated, our alumnies can represent our university and enrich University-Alumni relations.

To reinforce the cooperation between alumnies, our Ambassadors are going to;

  • Lead the social activities
  • Enrich the relations between Alumnies
  • Enrich the relations with BAU Alumni Relations Center
  • Increase the contribution to our university from our alumni in every aspect.


BAU Alumni Ambassador Programs:

1.BAU Faculty/ Department BAU F.MEP

2.BAU International Campus/ Province BAU.I.MEP

3.BAU Corporate BAU.COOP.MEP

1.BAU Faculty/ Department Alumni Ambassador Program

Aim of te project is;

  • Enrich the cooperation in the Faculty and the Departments
  • Leading the Social Activities
  • Enriching the relations between Alumnies
  • Enriching the relations with BAU Alumni Relations Center

 2.BAU İnternational Campus BAU.I.MEP

Aim of the project is;

  • To bring international alumnies working or studying abroad or out of İstanbul together and ensure cooperation between them.
  • To keep alive the BAU spirit and communication between our alumnies
  • To arrange activities for our alumnies both in abroad and out of İstanbul.

3.BAU Corporate BAU.COOP.MEP

Aim of the project is ;

  • To increase representation of BAU, relationship between organizations and university and enrich the cooperation between alumnies that work in the same organization.
  • To ensure that our alumnies play an important part in business development projects of our university
  • Enrich the relations between alumnies and our university.


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Updated : 22 March 2016 12:16