Job Shadowing

With the coorperation of BAU Alumni Relations Center , Coorporate Commnunication Office and Uğur Career Center, Bahçeşehir University Alumnies share their job experiences with young BUEK students.


What is the aim of ‘Job Shadowing Program’ ?

Aim of the job shadowing is to allow the students to get informed about their dream job from a alumni who is already in that proffesion. This program offers alumnies to communicate with students and help with their professional development. Program is available for the students during the Semester Break (25th January-8th February).

 How is the applicaton process for ‘Job Shadowing’ ?

Alumnies that volunteer for the program must fill the Job Shadowing Alumni Application Form and volunteer students must fill the Job Shadowing Student Application Form. Name, Faculty and Department, Graduation Year, Name of the Place that Alumni Works, Field of Work and some personal information are required. Beside the personal information, hobbys and interests are also required from students in order to bring the most suitable alumni and the student together.

“Job Shadowing” Program Example Application Forms

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Process of “Job Shadowing” Program

According to the interests of students, the most suitable alumnies will be matched with the students. Alumnies will choose the best date for themselves and host the students in their work place. Job Shadowing Program Report is requested from both the student and the alumni at the end of the program for feedback.


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Updated : 22 March 2016 12:03