Workshops are exclusive to only BAU graduates and aim to bring the graduates together, again under guidance of our graduates in various workshops.

2015-2016 Term Workshops

Usla- Stone Oven Pizza Workshop


2014-2015 Term Workshops

Folk Dances Workshop


Folk Dances Workshop, organized jointly with BAU Folk Dances Group, carried out with great interest of our graduates enthusiastically. BUHOT Team first performed Trabzon Akçaabat Horon Dance. After that, key points of “Damat Halayı” Dance had shown to our graduates and we danced with BUHOT Team.

3D Printer Workshop


BAU graduates İlker Vardarlı, Ali Can Erk and Buğra Haksever conducted a workshop about 3D Printer technology in theory and practice with broad participation and interest from our graduates.

CupCake Workshop


BAU Alumni Relations Center, brought BAU graduates together with Entrepreneur Graduate Workshops. First of these workshops was given by 2009 graduate, founder of “Hayalimdeki Pasta”, entrepreneur Deniz İskender and with the participation of Rector of BAU Prof.Dr. Şenay Yalçın, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Enver Yücel.

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Updated : 22 March 2016 12:31